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Plywood Shutter Phenolic Film Impregnation Line

Item No.: 002
Suitable for 55~65gsm black and brown logo printed kraft paper phenolic resin ( PF ) impregnation, Urea Formaldehyde resin ( UF ) impregnation, long life and easier demolding with concrete in construction works.
1.1 horizontal unwinder:
Main Features:
Nos 2 pieces of Air‐expanding shafts shift two rollers of raw paper without stop in operating. Two set of tension control make paper unwinding automatically to match
operating liner speed.
Nos 2 unwinding air expanding shaft, with magnetic brake, adopted in safety‐stirrup
disc, Central Axis is driven by a 3kw main decelerator motor, There is also auxiliary
reduced motor to drive each un‐winder.
1.1.2 Air expanding make paper core clamped correctly and firmly with the rounding operating with safety stirrup disc.
Auto Splicer device is located between two raw paper rollers.
Paper from two different paper roll can be jointed together by shifting knob while the initial pattern paper from its roll is cut off.
Key parts: two magnetic break; steady paper tension control with indicator;
when auto splice, pull down running paper‐cut arm with the rubber touching roller
to another roller, running and shifting paper roll releasing paper in same time, makes
running paper onto shifting paper and sticky together; at the same second, paper
cutter knife drives paper splicer cut down that running paper.
two set of automatic tension control device guarantee operating without stop.
Main Features:
Printed paper has a thorough impregnation in glue bath; glue content pick‐up is gauged by the gap between two doctors.
Built‐in Thick Steel Plate structure, Steady with no any waving. Keeps doctor roller gap without tolerance after adjustment. The Germany vits Quality Doctor roller from same supplier in Shanghai. High precision squeezing roller in chrome‐galvanized, long operating life. S‐Roller tractor unit, Nos 3piece chrome‐galvanized roller, driven by VVVF control, guarantee operating liner speed with un‐winder, avoiding paper break.
Back‐coating device, Nos 3piece of chrome‐galvanized roller, one is for back coating, and other two piece for angular adjustment when paper guiding through. Nos 3 piece roller is VVVF controlled liner speed by hand‐knob roller located in RV decelerator.
Electrical Sky Roller device consists of one breathing roller and one banana roller. The device is driven vertically movement at Max. height of 4.5meter. this makes paper goes in a extra length to give enough time for glue impregnation. Breathing roller is driven by VVVF decelerator.
Doctor Roller device, Nos 2 of Hard‐chrome Galvanized High Glossy roller; one roller located in a fixed position and driven by decelerator thorough universal joint. Another piece roller can be adjusted gap between two rollers. The movable roller at φ290mm, there is electronics screw controls roller horizontal movement; the gap precision will be Tan10 x 0.75mm/(3.14 x 24mm) in stepless at a 1.7x10‐4MM degree (0.1micro); Germany Baumer Approaching sensor feedback control, setting digital doctor roller gap and Programming adjustment automatically and indicating directly on color touching screen; after the gap is adjusted, two pairs of air cylinder to lock its setting position without loose.
both end of doctors, adopts glue scraper to trim extra glue remains.
Smoothing roller device, two piece of chromed SS roller adopted. Counter roller give a reversing leveling of glue, individual VVVF controls smoothing liner speed and keep the surface glue content in the same and steady Quantity.
Resin Bath device, full SS material inter‐layered structure; bath is movable lifting to keep a thorough consumption for glue remains; variety heating can be connected to keep bath glue in a fixed temperature, thus guarantee paper quality without seasons different; temperature control device is built‐in with supplied Impregnation line; glue bath with four universal feet, easier for clean and replacement.
3, THERMAL OIL FLOATING DRY CHAMBERS 2+4 Segs. Full panel vertical operating model.
Main Features and Scope
Adopt the newest structure design of full panel vertical operating, gives easier maintenance; It has good paper stability, high speed, low noise and heat insulation features.
The drying area in the front section is 2 oven, and the second section is 4 oven chambers. Oven chamber length is 3.75m.
Each oven chamber consists of two upper and down hot air chests and four sets of air connecting nozzles and circulating hot air fans. Each bellow contains 5 air nozzle slabs. 10 nozzles slabs in each chamber is placed parallel.
Two set of vertical doors controlled by the cylinder, easy to open and close smoothly and
rapidly. Maintenance clean the inside of the oven quite easier due to full panel height mouth is open. The door frame is made of silicone strip, it bits oven door in an excellent sealing to prevent heating waste.
The wall of oven chamber is 120mm thick and high grade heat insulation efficiency rock wool. The top of oven is made of 150mm rock wool with same insulation.
Height Customized oven feet make workers in a suitable working level for oven inner inspection and cleaning.
Each oven is equipped with 1 circulating hot air fan. Diameter at 800mm, the maximum hot air output is 18000m³/h. hot air fan is Controlled by VVVF. Honeywell Nr.1 PT100 temperature sensor to detect chamber inner temperature. All separate oven assembles with 1 temperature controller, indicating and setting oven temperature; A extra three‐way electric distributing valve make it a twice heating circuit output, avoiding over‐heating and energy wasted.
Main Features and Scope:
enhanced first cooling partition profile as 1Meter, mounted two pieces of 0.55kw axial fan; air flow at 5000~10,000 m3/h;
2nd cooling chamber section as 3Meter, adopted one 3kw centrifugal motor.
Each cooling zone is composed of a top and bottom air chest, blower connecting pipe and a blower fan. Upper and down Air nozzles equalized in same distance. Two pieces of side‐door of the cooling chamber is easy inspection and cleaning. Autolocking knob can be firmly closed.
Gap between upper and down nozzle is 60mm
Features and Scope
Self‐web‐aligner regulate the paper from a cooling zone in line without direction waving.
Wider range curtain coating device: The diameter of the glue roller is 240mm, driven by the deceleration motor, a lifting action is done by the cylinder driven.
Comparing with mesh roller, the glue pick‐up is controlled by the gap of glue curtain while not the fixed mesh ditch glue remaining. The glue coating curtain gives expected pickup in a wider range.
It equips with a set of glue scraper and automatic trimming blades. The top and bottom coating roller are driven by two independent deceleration motors, each motor is 1.1kw. VVVF controls line speed of the coating rollers.
smooth and leveling device consists of 4 chrome‐plated roller and telescopic cylinder. Nos 4 smoothing rollers are divided into the upper and lower groups, driven by two sets of 0.75kw deceleration motor in VVVF method. The telescopic cylinder can separate the smooth roller device, for easy cleaning and overhaul.
Main Feature and Scope
Exhausting gas device consists of a 5.5kw de‐humidity fan and two sets of air piping. One end is connected with the vent of the oven and the other end is connected with the de‐humidity outlet of the exhausting fan. In another piping, one end is connected de‐humidity outlet and the other end leads to the outside to surroundings.
The first drying area (Nos 4 oven chamber) in one group of de‐humidity devices/system, and the second drying zone (Nos 9 oven chambers) connects with 3 groups of de‐humidity devices/system.
in end of drying chamber, there is one set of paper moisture inspection system; the expected paper solid weight elements is input in PLC system, PLC programming will compare these parameter and self‐control chamber’ hot air flow, temperature, and operating liner speed, in this way, feedback control is active to produce qualified paper.
Features and Scope:
The web‐aligner actuator is driven by the cylinder, and the servo motor drives the rectifying device. Two chrome‐plated rolls, one on a fixed bracket and the other on the movable bracket. The edge of the paper is detected by 2 infrared sensors, and the servo motor electrical signal of the rectifying device is adjusting to keep center of paper in the middle between the two infrared sensors.
web‐aligner sensitive at 5mm from paper central point.
Features and Scope: Initial paper guiding and melamine paper traction with cooling
The main traction roller diameter of 800mm, inter‐layered design. There is rotary joint and cooling water connects and cycling inside the big drum. The auxiliary tractor Roller diameter is 350mm, which is also inter‐layered design, cooling water or tab water connection.
The diameter of the reversing roller is 200mm. Positive rubber touching roller is used to keep the paper position.
The paper chain is driven by the chain sprocket, it is tightened by the pneumatic tension control.
Main and auxiliary paper rollers, the reversing roller are driven by 3kw deceleration motor.
Paper chain sprocket shaft is driven by a 1.5kw deceleration motor.
Rubber touching roller is controlled by 2 cylinders. And paper guiding chain tension sprocket shaft is driven by another 2 cylinders.
Features and Scope:
Sewing cutter gives high speed Scissor‐ Sheeter for melamine impregnated finishing. High precision feeding roller is driven by servo motor, it gives high accurancy in cutting length. Paper feeding rubber roller is controlled by 2 cylinders, and the bell‐shaped baffle is installed in the front, it keeps operation in a more safety.
Paper feeding roller is driven by a deceleration motor. Sewing cutting sheeter controls by servo motor, the bottom knife blade erection is cylinder control, and it contains blade gap adjustment device.
To avoid paper sliding in feeding position, a set of anti‐static generator is adopted. (optional)
Cutting accuracy under 25m/min: ±1mm;
High precision code device is equipped with Shield cable Transferring, no symbol disturbance.
Features and Scope:
Whole Automatic system is composed of paper bridge turn‐over splitter, one set of lower pallet roller driven conveyor, one set of hoisted paper stacker, and roller driven pallet transit outlet. 10.2 Paper bridge turn‐over splitter keeps horizontal normally, paper finishing is transfer onto hoisted paper pallet, this pallet goes down as paper stacking; in initial as pallet is empty, it  locates  in  top position. When pallet is full onto system bottom roller transit device, the pallet is moved to liftable hydraulic stacker; after full pallet is forked out, empty pallet is reversing back to stand‐by while front bottom pallet works.
when hoisted pallet in transit model, paper bridge declines and paper finishing conveyor onto front bottom pallet; when pallet is full, roller transit device carry the pallet pass through hoisted pallet beneath and move to liftable hydraulic stacker; after full pallet is forked out, empty pallet is reversing back to stand‐by in its location while hoisted pallet is in action of loading.
Max. pallet loading (paper pieces quantity) is to be pre‐informed, normally we design it loading max. height at 200pcs per pallet.
System contains turn‐over, two conveyor platform and one hydraulic roller stacker with roller system and hoisting chain lift device.
System also adopts pneumatic paper location and position device.
Main control cabinet contains Main power switch, power break, PLC, temperature thermostat, voltmeter, fuse, interlayer, AC contactor, button and indicators.
There sets of touching screen locates in boxes aside of primary impregnation unit, second curtain coating and dual pallet auto stacker unit.
 12, Mechanical Materials
Built‐in thick steel plate for primary impregnation and curtain coating unit.
S roller, Doctor rollers, smooth roller and key rollers, Germany Vits same supplier from Shanghai; Bearings adopts SKF brand;
Decelerator, Chinese Top Guomao;
Circulating hot air fan, exhaust fan, cooling fan and hydraulic pump, all Germany Beide Motor; Touch screen, PLC and frequency converter, Siemens;
Thermostat and sensor, Honeywell. Pneumatic components, SMC;
Low‐voltage electronics, Omron & Schneider; Encoder, Omron.
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