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MDF Melamine Two Step Impregnation Line

Item No.: 001
4feet, 5feet, 6feet, 7feet, 8feet two steps melamine paper impregnation line, widely for the production of Melamine Impregnated Paper for MDF lamination, MDF flooring, MDF door skin, Engineered Veneer Recon composite, Formica and Compact HPL purpose.
4ft 5ft 6ft 7ft 8ft Horizontal two steps impregnation line basic tech data

1, Basic Data
Paper width                                                                      Max 1350mm, 1250mm                                                                                                                                                                   
Mechanical Speed 0-40m/min 0-60m/min in different models
Operating Speed 15‐25m/min @80gsm & 100% glue pick‐up; Operating Speed subjects to resin and paper property. 
Operating Level 1380mm 1250mm or customized operating level

2, Horizontal Paper Unwinder with Auto Splicer knob
Rollers Max Width 1500mm                                                                                                                                  
Nozzle width 1500mm
Paper Loading Max Ø Ø1200mm bearing 1.2Tons paper weight
Paper Loading Max Weight 1200kg
Air Expanding Core Dimension Ø Ø76mm
Resin Sorts MF/UF/PF, suitable for melamine paper, phenolic paper,
Resin Solids Contents Property ≥55% 
Resin Content by Curtain Roller Control 60‐200%, ±2%
Glue Volatility 4.5 ‐ 7.5% 

3, Consumption Figures and Specifications
Drive side /direction                                                            Left or Right, seen from feeding direction, or Customized
Operator side /direction Left or Right, seen from feeding direction, or Customized
Nos of Oven Chambers Nos of 6segments, 3.75m oven, or 8segmenst, subject to speed requirement                                                                                   
Nos. of Temperature control 6pcs
Max Circulating Air Approx. 12000M3/hr. adjustable
Max Exhausting Gas Approx. 11500M3/hr. adjustable
Average Exhausting Gas Approx. 5000M3/hr. adjustable
Heating Sources Thermal oil liquid
Drying temperature of chambers 50-180 0C adjustable
Power supply 3PH AC220/380/415V - 50/60Hz -2PH AC 220V
Total installation Power Approx. 55Kw
Tower Efficiency 50-70%, operating power capacity as 25-30Kw
Compressed Air Approx. 1.5M3/min -0.6Mpa
Cooling water circulation Approx. 3M3/hr, 0.1-0.3Mpa at 100C, final web temperature 20 0C, requirement cooling Tower by buyer
Doctor Rollers  φ   φ  290mm
Doctor Rollers Linear tolerance 0.002mm
Brinell Hardness 510-570 HB
Doctor Rollers Tolerance  0.05μm
Glue Pickup tolerance ±3% 
Temperature controlling accuracy ±1 0C
Cutting Accuracy ±0.5mm 
Noise level in 1meter distance  less than 80 dB

NTRY reserves the right to carry out any change concerning design and construction of machines, as machines are steadily to improve their performance in melamine paper, phenolic paper, kraft paper impregnation production. 
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